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Skill Builders Mystery Quilt

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Hello Busy Bees,

I am so happy to hear that many of you want to join me in the mystery “skill building” quilt along. Since this is a new process for us, so I would like to suggest some ground rules.

Bee Courageous! All quilters and makers are brave, no matter where you are in your journey. 

Bee open! There are so many techniques and tips to learn.  What works for one person, does not work for others. Find what works for you and be open to possibilities.

Bee self-compassionate!  Do not put yourself down. Mistakes are an opportunity to learn.

Bee kind and helpful to one another, “Love me where I am!”

Bee Vocal! Speak up, if you don’t follow the lesson, odds are good that you are not alone

Bee Patient!  If you give your help and it is not followed, it may just be a grenade that hits later!

Bee curious! Learn every day.  Don’t know how to do something?  That should never stop you!

Bee inspired! Find new resources, ask a sister how she finds ideas, social media? Books Mags 

Bee respectful to those who are presenting

Bee appreciative of those who give of themselves for the good of the group.

Whether you haven’t sewn a stitch or have been Quilting for years, a group project stretches all of our abilities and makes us stronger together.  


Mystery Quilt “Skill Builders” Project

Each meeting (2x per month) we will have different people share a common block or techniques and their favorite tips.  After which they will give an assignment for the mystery quilt.

At retreat, we will reveal the Mystery and project completion! But don’t worry if you are not able to make it to retreat, we will be sure to share this info with you based on the signup sheet.  

After retreat the last lessons will be around completing a finished quilt.

I want to encourage you to join us even if it’s only for the 15-30 min lessons at each meeting. 

Choose Quality fabric

I recommend 100% cotton for this and a consistent weave.  Loosely woven fabrics will fray and frustrate!  

My rule of thumb:  If you are making a quilt that will be used, then quality is important.  Just because it says 100% cotton does not mean it is quality fabric. Putting your love labor into something that does not hold up is heart breaking.    If you are doing a wall hanging, honestly there is no limit to what fabric to used. The quilts won’t be handled or washed as much and will likely hold up just fine.  

Fabric Selection

I recommend finding a fabric that makes you happy and then find some complimenting fabrics in the values listed below. Take a picture of your choices and marinate on it, send to a friend!  If you are unsure….ask before you cut! We can often pick something from our stash because we have the exact yardage, but it may not make the process as much fun if you don’t love the fabric.  Please let me know if you need help!

Lesson 1 – Let’s cut!  with Beth Muti.  

Beth is going to bring us some great tips in how she likes to cut fabrics.  She will demonstrate how to organize and tackle the cutting of a project like this one.  

Once Beth has uncovered this part of the mystery, we will hand out the first Clue that will be related to what she covered, so exciting!

If you have your fabrics ready for Monday and would like to work on cutting you will need to bring cutting supplies.  


Notebook to write down the tips and terms

Fabric Requirements, below

Cutting Matt

Rotary Cutter

Iron & Ironing surface

Cutting Rulers

Spray bottle with water or Best Press (optional)

Pencil, paper and Safety pins – for labeling (optional)

Project Container, bag etc.  (optional)

Large and small Zip lock bags are great for this too! (optional)

If you don’t yet have these, don’t worry we have plenty and like to share.

(Mystery Pattern is by Cheryl Brickey)

For those of you who would like to dive deeper and are new to quilting or even sewing, we will set some time aside after each lession to work with you and answer your questions.  Consider connecting with an experienced quilter or two. They are a wealth of what to do and what not to do! 

If anyone wants to do a mini shop hop this week-end I am available!  I am thinking Pioneer Quilts, Cedar Ridge Quilt Store and maybe a couple in Portland. Who wants to go on Saturday?  

See you soon!

Nicole Morris


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